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Please check out our favorite lavender flowers, products & perennial collection… If you are looking to treat yourself because you “love lavender” or you’re buying for someone special!

You are welcome to pick them up at the farm. Currently, our hours are Tuesday-Sunday 9:00am to 3:00pm. However, please call before visiting as our hours are currently weather and staffing dependent.

Home Freshener and Hydrosol Products – $12.00 each, 4oz Spray Bottles. Lavender bunches $12.00 each. Both come with an organza gift bag. Our selling season runs from late-May to mid-September or until our products run out. Wholesale pricing available. Please contact the farm at 518-307-9748.

Opened the 2024 season on Memorial Day Weekend with our Perennial Favorites 2024, $15 each. A bag of rich compost for $4 in case your soil lacks the proper nutrients. You won’t be sorry with this product!

Premium Daylilies
A premium daylily means that it has been selected as highly performing plant with exceptional bloom performance, substantive, vibrantly colored fragrant flowers, complete winter hardiness in northern zones and a vigorous habit. Daylilies can survive many harsh conditions that other plants cannot including: polluted city environments, slopes, poor and dry soils, near pavement that is salted in winter, and under Black Walnut trees (not affected by juglone).

Ruby Spider – One look and it’s easy to see why this incredible daylily is a multiple award winner! The gigantic 9”, dark ruby red flowers are officially classified as “unusual form-spatulate” since the petals are long and spoon-shaped. The petals open very wide and flat, displaying the large, golden yellow throat and matching midribs nicely. Early Bloomer, blooming in June.


King of the Ages – If you’re looking for a daylily that brings height to the garden, this is a top choice! In addition to tall scapes, ‘King of the Ages’ boasts incredible size with 6½” flowers. The petals are a unique blend of butter-yellow, peach, and apricot. With its burgundy red eye and matching red picotee edge, this will definitely fill you with awe. Midseason Bloomer, blooming in July. Rebloomer, producing a second set of flowers. Semi-Evergreen foliage.


Lake of Fire – A stunning new color pattern for Proven Winners! The enormous 7″ flower is apricot orange with an incredibly wide, orange red eye. Along the ruffled edge is a matching orange red picotee edge with a razor thin golden yellow margin. ‘Lake of Fire’ will set your garden ablaze in midsummer. Midseason Bloomer, blooming in July.


(Achillea) YarrowFirefly Sunshine (yellow) – Fireflies, or whatever you call the insects that light up the night-when you see them, they’re a sure sign of warm summer weather. Similarly, this new Yarrow collection will light up your summer garden. These plants differ from other Yarrow due to their taller nature without compromising beautiful habits and sturdiness. Available in a wide selection of colors to fill the needs of your garden. One of the very best Yarrows for lasting color throughout the summer. Bright yellow flowers contrast with dark gray green foliage. Upright habit. Yarrow is one of the easiest perennials to grow and is a good choice for beginners. All it needs is full sun and well-drained soil. These plants are an excellent balance of finely textured foliage and bright flower colors. The wide, flat flower clusters are popular landing pads with pollinators.

(Allium) Ornamental OnionSerendipity (purple) – The word “serendipity” means an unexpected occurrence, and what a fitting name for this sport of the popular ‘Millenium’! The sport shares all of the qualities that made ‘Millenium’ great, but with attractive blue foliage. Globe-like, rosy-purple flowers match the parent and are produced profusely in mid to late summer. When crushed, the leaves will emit a smell of onion. Alliums are charming plants for the rock or herb garden. When the foliage is bruised, it smells like onions since they are in the onion family. Butterflies and honeybees adore the flowers’ sweet nectar but deer and rabbits steer clear of this perennial beauty.

(Amsonia) Blue Star – String Theory (white) – People have loved ‘Storm Cloud’ and we are now pleased to offer a complementing threadleaf Amsonia to the Proven Winners program. ‘String Theory’ can be described as a compact version of the industry standard Amsonia hubrichtii. The compact habit is covered with light periwinkle blue flowers in late spring, flowering later than ‘Storm Cloud’. While other Amsonia can often display chlorotic leaves, ‘String Theory’ displays healthy dark green leaves throughout the summer. We have observed the same brilliant golden orange fall color as you would expect from A. hubrichtii. This easy care, heat and humidity tolerant, deer resistant perennial is an excellent choice for gardeners looking for low maintenance or native perennials.

(Hibiscus) Rose Mallow – Ballet Slippers (white)
This hardy perennial fits the need of providing a Hibiscus lineup with near-white blooms. Huge 7” wide, ruffled flowers are white with a deep red eye. The edges of the petals are edged with blush pink. Combined with the heavily overlapping petals, this creates a pinwheel effect on the flowers. Attractive, healthy leaves are bright green with slightly serrated edges. A polished, upright habit and extremely high bud count with good axillary branching ensures that this Hibiscus will have a longer season of color, from late summer through early fall. Flowers are produced from the top to the bottom of the plant, rather than just at the top. These North American native plants bring massive, tropical-looking flowers all the way to zone 4. Although later to emerge than most perennials in spring, these are fast growing plants capable of adding an inch of new growth a day. Excellent at brightening up end of season gardens.